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About Sissy Bars

The freedom that you feel while barreling down the open road on your motorcycle cannot be compared, and sometimes it is fun to share that experience with a passenger. If you do have a seat for a passenger, you should consider installing a sissy bar on the back of your bike. While somewhat of a misnomer, a sissy bar is simply the backrest on the passenger seat of your motorcycle. To create a more comfortable ride for your passenger, you should consider including this bar on your bike's design. If you would like a classic look for your bike, you can purchase a vintage sissy bar from an older bike model. Or you can use a chopper sissy bar from another style bike to add to your own bike. No matter the type or style of sissy bar that you would like for your motorcycle, make sure to visit eBay to view the vast selection of bars that are available from a large selection of reliable sellers.