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About Sirius Sportster

Hear every call of the big game, or relax on the beach with your favorite music playing in the background, with a Sirius Sportster radio. From talk show celebrities like Howard Stern to music from every genre, the satellite radio network offers non-stop entertainment. The Sirius Sportster Replay plugs into an FM radio and broadcasts its signal over several channels. Do not miss a minute of the race or football game using the pause, rewind, and play features. The Replay's GameZone feature allows users to enter the names of their favorite teams in each sport, and automatically reminds them when a big game is on. Additionally you can take your favorite channels with you anywhere using the Sirius Sportster Boombox. This plug-and-play radio snaps into the portable boom box, and your favorite music, shows, and events play through the speakers. Bring it to the beach or park to keep up with the latest scores while relaxing with friends. Find a new or used Sirius Sportster on eBay, where you can easily order from reliable sellers and take advantage of convenient shipping options.