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About Singing Bird

Humankind has always possessed a fascination for birds. The flying bird enraptures us with possibility while the singing bird entrances us with the beauty of their song. An unending stream of folklore talks about birdsong from why the nightingale sings to what the whippoorwill endlessly calls its name. Is it any wonder that people try to bring it into their homes? In a world increasing divorced from nature, a bird clock brings the sounds of nature to wherever you go. But that is a relatively modern invention and the obsession is far older. A chirping bird toy has found its way into the hands of children for ages. eBay's menagerie of reliable sellers has both of these items and more. Each singing bird will be at home in a different nest despite flocking together. A vintage one might complement the subtle elegance of a parlor while the clock from earlier perches in an office to provide quiet reassurance. Happily, you can take all the time you need in finding the right one as these birds won't fly off while you're looking at them.

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