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About Sin Cara Masks

Legendary for his mysterious personality and the skilled way he integrates impressive lucha libre techniques into his wrestling, Sin Cara is just as famous for what people do not know about him as he is for what they do know. The iconic Sin Cara mask represents the traditional shielding of a wrestler's identity in the Mexican wrestling style. Even when he is not in the ring, this wrestler appears masked so that his mystery is always maintained. This intriguing combination of athletic prowess and showmanship has earned him legions of fans that often don replicas of his mask when attending matches, conventions, and other events. A Sin Clara black mask is a sleek, classic choice for its intimidation. Other color options, such as the Sin Cara red mask, blue mask, and even neon green mask represent different times in the wrestler's career. Show your loyalty to this wrestler or create an impressive, realistic costume with adult and youth-sized masks ideal for both display and wearing. The large inventory on eBay lets you find the Sin Cara mask that displays your favorite of his incarnations so you can slip on the mask and live out your own wrestling fantasies.