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About Simpsons Comics

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Fanatics of the longest running animated program in the history of American television can get a Simpsons fix between the latest season's episodes by reading Simpsons comic books. Homer, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and Marge are a typical, dysfunctional American family whose hilarious hijinks range from the everyday to the bizarre. Simpsons comics and stories showcase the family dynamic, where each character fulfills a stereotypical role: Homer is lazy; Marge is a pushover; Bart is a hooligan; Lisa is a prodigy. Bart Simpson comics include a wide array of supporting characters, including his best friend Milhouse, who joins him on epic adventures combating his arch nemesis, Sideshow Bob, whose sole mission in life is to eradicate Bart. Easily follow the lovable antics of the Simpson family and their cast of friends and foes by purchasing new or used comics on eBay. Sit back and enjoy as this iconic American sitcom comes to life on the page of Simpsons comic books.