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About Simms

When you want to go in deep in pursuit of the perfect cast, the perfect cover, or a premium spot for gigging, you cannot worry about whether you will end up paying for the decision with a soggy midsection or worse. Simms sets the standard in waterproof protection that covers you when you need it most. Simms waders and Simms jackets are available in multiple sizes and colors to accommodate any outdoorsman, and Simms clothing is available for those proud enough of their craft to display their devotion when they are indoors as well. The innovative technology built into the fabric for Simms items ensures that you can march through the muddiest of surfaces or wade through the thickest of ponds without feeling the elements break through to your body. If you are not looking for a chest-deep adventure, Simms boots are just as trustworthy in the elements as their lauded waders. Each item is sold by reliable sellers on eBay using convenient shipping methods.