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About Silverwings

Take your solo automotive adventures to the next level with your very own Silver Wing. Imagine the wind in your hair and the sun across your visor as you cruise into the wild blue yonder on the ultimate in touring scooters. The Honda model is one of the largest scooters on the market, giving you the security of size as you zoom across town and down side streets. Revel in spring and summer weather with this sporty and smooth ride that almost gives you the feel of a motorcycle out on the open road. A new or used Honda Silver Wing Scooter, secured from one of eBay’s reliable sellers, opens up new avenues for spur of the moment adventure. Take your date on a moonlight ride around the city, or jaunt off on your own for an afternoon without a second thought. Over 14 gallons of storage capacity, as well as under seat storage, make the Silver Wing ideal for quick shopping jaunts or even an impromptu picnic. Fly off to your next adventure.