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About Silverchair

It is unusual for any rock band to endure in popularity for more than a couple of years—enduring for a couple of decades of critical and commercial success is rare, but that is just what legendary Australian rock outfit Silverchair has accomplished. It leaves behind a growing discography of great music in its wake. The best place for new fans to start is with the explosive, hugely popular 1995 debut "Frogstomp," and move onto more recent releases such as the expansive "Neon Ballroom" and the gutsy, experimental "Diorama." Whether you plan to purchase used Silverchair CDs or collectible, vinyl Silverchair LPs, eBay contains a huge collection of the band's recordings from a variety of sellers throughout the world, not to mention rarities, posters, T-shirts, stickers, and even signed records from the band. eBay is the spot to find both recordings as well as official and unofficial merchandise for fans of one of Australia's most popular musical exports of all time.

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