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About Silverado Sub Box

Driving down the street your ears perk up as your favorite song comes through the speakers. You crank the volume and the thunderous rumble of bass emanates gratifyingly out of your Silverado sub box. If you are serious about music in your pickup, the only real option is to put in a subwoofer to add the full, rich sound you crave. The sound you get out of your audio hardware is also more than just the woofer alone — you need a proper enclosure that compliments the hardware and allows it to reach its full potential. Tuning the bass in your truck to your desired level is a snap by searching the various options available to you in the vast inventory on eBay. A sealed subwoofer box is an airtight enclosure for your equipment, and a great choice for the audiophile who demands tight, accurate bass. Enthusiasts in search of massively booming bass need a ported box, which uses a vent to reinforce low bass response and create real thunder. Sit back in your seat, turn up the dial, and hear the pounding roar you demand from your stereo thumping out of your Silverado sub box.