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About Silverado Hood

Whether you are on the road or hitting the dirt tracks, your Chevy Silverado is the only way to travel. Give your Silverado some love with a gold-standard makeover, upgrading your Silverado hood to get a cool custom style that also has the potential to improve performance. There is no need to wait for a crash to replace your Chevy Silverado hood. Take control of your truck's style now by picking a new hood that offers a tougher, edgier vibe; or choose a ram air hood that improves your engine's efficiency. A ram air hood works by forcing cool air to the engine. This cool air contains more oxygen, and therefore allows more fuel to burn for additional power. Furthermore, air traveling through a ram hood is under pressure, so you get a supercharged effect that gives your horsepower a boost at top-end speeds. It is also possible to get a non-functioning ram hood or a Silverado hood with decorative vents, both of which have cool urban style, but do not offer any performance benefits. Select a new or used Silverado hood from the vast inventory on eBay, and get the look and performance you always wanted for your truck.