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About Silverado Center Caps

The factory wheels on your Chevy work just fine, but you find their appearance to be run-of-the-mill. Without having to invest in entirely new wheels for your truck, you can transform the look of your existing wheels with the help of Silverado center caps. These caps hold securely in place over the centers of the rims with the help of fasteners or the existing lugs on the wheels. As a proud Chevy driver, you might prefer to outfit your Silverado with center caps that feature the Chevy bowtie logo atop a chrome finish. There are also center caps available that have a matte black design. Caps that lock into place using lugs are only compatible with wheels that have specific lug assemblies. For example, an 8-lug center cap is only compatible with an 8-lug wheel. Drivers install Silverado center caps to their trucks not only to improve the appearance of the truck, but also because these durable caps can shield nuts and bearings within the wheel from dirt and grime. Within the large inventory on eBay, many individual and sets of center caps are available to suit your Silverado.