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About Silver Washington Quarters

A coin from 1964 may be worth far more than one from 1965. If you happen to own silver Washington quarters from 1964, then you know they contain 90 percent silver, which the United States Mint used in all its quarters up until 1965. At this point, the mint decided production of silver Washington quarters, along with other silver coins, was too expensive due to the price of precious metal. Quarters from 1965 onwards meant for circulation contain nickel in place of silver. This makes 1964 Washington silver quarters collectible despite extremely high mintage numbers. Unlike other coins that are popular because of their design and rarity, silver quarters command premium prices based on their metal content. Reliable sellers on eBay offer both individual coins and a silver Washington quarters roll containing dozens of coins in pristine condition with convenient shipping options. These are among the last of the precious metal coins made for circulation in the United States.

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