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About Silver Vases

The table shakes a bit when your little one bumps it as he goes dashing past. You momentarily panic when the flower display starts to wobble, but then you remember that it sits in a silver vase. Visions of picking up sharp ceramic pieces and hurriedly finding another vessel for your African violets disappear as the vase recovers its balance, and all is right again in your universe as you admire the way that the vase's silver reflects light and draws attention to the flowers' rich purple hues. Unbreakability and luster remain the two key characteristics of a silver vase, and they apply in almost all forms that the silver takes. A sterling silver vase is made of 92.5 percent silver, which is the greatest ratio of silver possible for an alloy to retain enough strength for use as a functional object. A silver-plated vase generally features another less-precious metal as the base with plating that provides the exterior with a silver appearance. This process lowers cost, and the silver remains unblemished as long as it's properly cared for. On eBay, you can find both types of silver vases in many shapes and sizes and in new, pre-owned, and antique condition, because whether you have a wild child roaming your home or not, a silver vase offers an elegant and durable display for your favorite plantings.