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About Silver State Quarter

When you have a bunch of silver state quarters in your hand, they all look the same; however, be sure to look for one key difference. Real silver proof state quarters are marked with an "S," and have a silver rim, not copper. These quarters are made of 90 percent silver and are usually housed in a red plastic holder. The quarters in mint proof sets feature a mirror-like background due to the high polish of the silver. The relief faces of the coins have the appearance of frosted metal due to the unique and true strike. Coin collectors search for silver state quarters from 1999 to 2008; they are the first silver coins minted since 1964. If you?re looking for a particular coin, you can find loose silver state coins on eBay. It can be exciting searching for those hard to find coins, and the joy you experience when you finally obtain that coin and complete your collection could be more than words can express.