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About Silver Spacer Beads

Professional by day, jewelry maker by night. As a master of your craft, you know that silver spacer beads can add the perfect finishing touch to your project. These beads provide you an easy way to separate chains or to offset a central pendant. Plain, round beads exist solely to break up a pattern, and they're not particularly remarkable. Generally these beads are significantly smaller or larger than the surrounding beads to clearly distinguish them. However, your spacer beads can have their own beauty and intricacy. Consider Tibetan or European spacer beads, which come in a variety of dimensions, shapes, and designs. When selecting beads, you need to decide if it is important that you use real sterling silver, or if you are just looking for beads in that color. Whichever style of silver spacer beads you prefer, you can find them from reliable sellers on eBay. The jewelry of your imagination will soon be within your grasp.