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About Silver Nickels

Collecting coins has long been a beloved hobby for millions across the globe, and with the extensive history and diversity of available coins, the hunt for rare and collectible coins never ends. As a more reclusive coin that stands as the jewel of many a coin collection, silver nickels minted between 1942 and 1945 actually feature a small amount of silver instead of nickel, due to the shortage of this material during World War II. Because of the rare circumstances that surrounded the construction of this Jefferson nickel, these silver war nickels are ideal for any high-grade coin collection set. Furthermore, you can easily distinguish a war nickel by using its large mintmark just above the Monticello building on the reverse side, which also represents the first time that the Philadelphia U.S. mint used a watermark. Collectors looking to get their hands on a silver nickel lot and casual collectors simply looking for handful of silver nickels for their collection can each find everything that they need in high-quality condition through the listings from reliable sellers on eBay, allowing them to collect and display a bit of American history in the process.