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About Silver Necklaces

Queen Mary, the first female ruler of England, used to wear one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry of all time: a dazzling diamond and silver necklace valued at just under 2 million dollars. While Queen Mary's treasured necklace is out of most people's price range, it does show how adored silver is and how good it looks decorating a woman's neck. On eBay, you don't have to fork out 2 million dollars to get a beautiful silver necklace; instead, you can find elegant pieces of new jewelry for affordable prices. Women aren't the only ones who look great wearing silver jewelry, though, as men's silver necklaces have also become very popular over the past few decades. The subtle sheen of silver appeals to both sexes, and silver jewelry comes in all types of styles, from long silver chain necklaces to ones with beautiful charms and ornaments. You may not be queen of England, but you can still wow friends, family, and total strangers with an eye-catching piece of silver jewelry.