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About Silver Chokers

The choker is a type of skin-hugging necklace that sits high on the neck, and has a long and varied history, including associations with high fashion in medieval Europe, as well as the Gothic and punk rock cultures. Whatever meaning it holds for you, you can search the large inventory on eBay to find a new or used silver choker that speaks to you. These chokers come in many materials, including plastic, velvet, metal, and even leather. Some are plain, and worn as simple decorative pieces, while others are decorated with sequins, pendants, studs, or cameos. For an elegant, classy look, you can get a sterling silver choker, which makes a nice accessory when paired with a formal evening gown or wedding dress. For a more modern look, a wide silver choker makes a fine choice of jewelry. Whether you want to carry on the tradition of high fashion or rock a Gothic look, you are bound to find a silver choker just right for you.