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About Silver Bits

As you walk into your horse stable office, you think about what a wonderful addition it is to your business, but it was not always that way. A few months ago, silver bits and saddles were scattered everywhere, and you had no space to entertain clients and conduct business. Then, you hit on an idea. You took the space and put up paneling on the walls to create a more formal appearance. Then, you hung nails on the wall and started putting the bits and bridles on them. One area was even reserved for your special silver show bits, so that no one would accidentally grab those bits for use around the barn. Your favorite silver horse bit even has its own special nail, so you can find it at all times. You even took a vintage silver bit and hung it on the door, along with a small sign that said "office." Creating this space was so easy when you bought the supplies and silver bits on eBay, where reputable sellers even offer convenient shipping options. Now, when someone comes to the barn, you are so proud of the space where you can conduct your business.