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About Silver Age Comics

The popularity of comic books and superheroes has grown steadily since the 1950s, and super heroes have never been as popular as they are now. From the beginning of the Silver Age of comic books, the fame of characters such as Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman have gone on to create huge collectibles in the comic book world. Spider-Man Silver Age comics have gone on to sell for huge amounts of money, especially Amazing Fantasy no. 15, which he first appeared in. That single comic book, in 2011, sold for over one million dollars. The Silver Age began in 1956 after the advent of the Flash in DC Comic's Showcase No. 4 and grew after the Justice League of America entered the world. If you are new to collecting Silver Age comics, consider buying a Silver Age comic book lot to get your collection rolling. You can find these editions of the Silver Age of comic books, as well as other comic book related collectibles, on eBay, where there are thousands of reputable sellers offering everything you could want.