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About Silkstone Barbie

She has a Dreamhouse, a pink Corvette, and a fashion closet every woman would love. Just when you thought Barbie could not get any more extravagant, Silkstone Barbie makes the scene. Introduced by Mattel in 2000, Silkstone Barbies, also called Fashion Model Barbies, are formed from hard, porcelain-like vinyl as opposed to the soft vinyl used to form other Barbie collections. Silkstone Barbies are wildly popular among adult collectors, particularly because of their vintage appearance and fashion choices. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Barbie connoisseur, you can find your next Silkstone Barbie in the selection offered by the reliable sellers on eBay. Pick up a Silkstone Francie Barbie with mod blonde hair and a far-out, colorful ensemble, or the exquisite Silkstone Capucine Barbie, adorned in elegant formalwear with up-swept hair and evening makeup. Remember your Silkstone Barbie is a diehard fashion maven, so fill her closet with Silkstone Barbie clothes. How about a slinky black satin dress with matching gloves and shoes, a flirty spring green dress adorned with blue and tan blossoms, or a white, floor-length flapper dress with delicate beading? Start clicking, she will be home soon.