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About Silicone Babies

You have a soft place in your heart for dolls of all kinds because they remind you of all the dreamy tea parties you had with your own dolls as a child. In fact, your love of dolls is apparent thanks to your shelves full of Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kids, but the one thing that is missing from your collection is a lifelike silicone baby. Popular options include handmade girl dolls complete with painted faces that feature eyelashes and freckles, and boy dolls whose eyes actually open and close as their little bodies are moved around. Other dolls are made to look just like newborns by mimicking their average features, size, and weight. You can even have a custom doll made with details of your preference, such as birthmarks or family traits. Some dolls even come with features such as heartbeats and flexible body parts. You can find the perfect silicone baby for your collection from reliable sellers on eBay.