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About Silhouette Sunglasses

As you sit on the edge of the pier and enjoy the sunset, your eyes are protected by an adequate amount of tint. Your Austrian-designed Silhouette sunglasses minimize eyestrain, and allow you to view your pleasant environment as intended. They fit a variety of facial types including long noses, wide faces, and petite frames. Available in plastic, titanium, hypoallergenic, and metal, these sunglasses will match all of your wardrobe needs, from sophisticated or sporty. The metal frames are made from a nickel and copper base called Monel, which is corrosion resistant and adjustable. Silhouette Titan sunglasses are edgeless, screwless, and hingeless. Used by NASA astronauts, these sunglasses have a high-tech lens coating to optimize eye protection. A large selection of vintage Silhouette sunglasses can be also found on eBay. This version offers much larger and wider frames than modern designs. Protect your eyes in style with a pair of Silhouette sunglasses.