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About Silhouette Rimless

Silhouette glasses are essentially the official eyewear of American astronauts, having been used in over 30 NASA missions to outer space. That kind of status is not bestowed without merit, and Silhouette rimless glasses deserve it as much as any other offering from the Austrian brand. Incredibly lightweight and durable, these understated frames come in black, silver, or gold tones, and many pairs include extra plugs. Look for these unisex titanium eyeglasses in sets that also include refined hard leather cases and cleaning cloths to keep them safe and smudge-free. Opt for the classic thin wire frames, or styles with a little bit more character and flair, such as ones with slightly thicker temples in a matte gunmetal grey color, peacock blue, or a combination of orange and black. Go as minimal as possible, or look for semi-rimless frames as well. Women's styles of Silhouette rimless glasses offer more rounded lenses and come in a wider variety of colors, including purple hues. Browse the vast inventory on eBay to find wearable space-age technology — in the most literal sense.

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