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About Silesia

Your grandmothers' china cabinet was always one of those off-limit spaces for playing. Looking back now, you can understand why she would not want her beautiful Silesia porcelain pieces broken. Silesia has a long history in Europe starting at around 1860. Most of the pieces you see from the company are likely items similar to the Silesia plates, which are beautifully crafted and hand painted. The old ivory Silesia pattern is very popular due to its old-world style and crafting. What seems to be harder to find are the Mickey Mouse pieces the company created during the short time of its exclusive production agreement with Disney. If you have one of these pieces, it is definitely a piece of history since Hitler forced the agreement to an end. Not only are those pieces limited, but they are a piece of wartime history as well. Breaking a piece of your Silesia porcelain may be one of the most heartbreaking things that can happen, but with the reliable sellers on eBay, you can save time and money looking for a replacement.