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About Sigma Brushes

You were horrified to learn that your makeup brushes were made of animal fur, so you are now in the market for vegan brushes. Sigma brushes are made of synthetic fibers that are not only vegan-friendly, but allow for better coverage and application of your makeup. For the best results from your makeup, it is important to use the right brush for the area you are working on. With a Sigma essential brush kit, you get the basic starter set of the most used brushes. There are different kits available, but most offer essentials, such as foundation, concealer, pencil, eye liner, and powder. For those wanting shorter length brushes, try the travel kits that contain Sigma travel brushes, which are essentially travel-size versions of their most popular brushes for applying powder, foundation, eye shadow, blush, and primer. The travel set is especially great for women who need brushes that can fit into their purse's makeup bag. Sigma also has you covered for proper maintenance of your brushes, with the Dry 'n Shape product that cleans and reshapes your brushes quickly. Sigma brushes are a high-quality product that consumers can enjoy guilt-free. There is a large selection of single brushes and complete kits available from sellers on eBay to help you begin building your vegan-friendly makeup tool collection.

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