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About Women's Sidi

Are you a competitive athlete or someone who takes her rigorous fitness regimen very seriously? Then your feet will thank you for a pair of Sidi women’s road shoes. These highly engineered and supremely designed performance shoes will provide comfort and support for your feet no matter how far you run, how high you climb, or how hard you cycle. If you love cycling, then the Sidi women’s Genius shoes are perfect for your needs. These have secured Velcro latches to prevent slippage, a sliding ratchet to loosen or tighten the cuffs even while cycling, a padded front, adjustable insteps, and breathable microfiber mesh to keep your feet cool. Sidi women’s Dominator shoes also share these features and add narrow heel cups for firmer grips. Sidi women’s road shoes are not only functional, but are also well-crafted beauties. There is no need to complain that your local shoe store is not carrying them because you can find reliable eBay sellers offering this superior line of women’s road shoes in a variety of sizes, ready to ship the right pair to your door.