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About Sideshow

Adults, more often than in previous generations, have more time and money to fund their hobbies; many of them are putting off having children until they are older, or are spending more time at home. These adults can, and do, spend their disposable income on luxury items such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and special figures by companies such as Sideshow. Whether you love comic book culture, the "Star Wars" universe, or "Lord of the Rings," there is a Sideshow model for you. They can be very expensive to buy, but luckily, you can buy new and used Sideshow collectibles from one of the many reputable sellers on eBay. They stock many different types of Sideshow "Star Wars" figures, such as Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and even life-sized Yoda models, as well as comic book characters like Thor, Batman, and Superman. They are painstakingly made by a team of sculptures and designers, artists, painters, and costumers who all detail the work to incredible likenesses of the characters they represent.

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