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About Side Bags

Life comes with lots of stuff, so getting the right bag for your crazy lifestyle is important. Side bags offer practicality, safety, flexibility and style in one convenient package sized to fit directly under your arm. Side bags can be worn across the body with a longer strap or over the shoulder with a short strap. Both ways position the bag close to your body and under your arm, allowing you to secure the top of the bag with your arm while holding the strap, making it harder to access for pickpockets. This security makes side bags ideal for travel or for valuables. A laptop side bag, for instance, provides storage, transport, and protection for your laptop while still being a stylish addition to your wardrobe. The look and convenience of side bags is universal and unisex, and a men's side bag style can provide a great alternative to backpacks and briefcases for the fashionable male. The vast inventory on eBay includes side bags by various designers and labels in a rainbow of colors and forms.