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About Sid Dickens

Symbols are like visual metaphors, allowing the mind to quickly build associations and comprehend complex and rich ideas in a relatively short amount of time. The work of Sid Dickens makes frequent use of rich symbology to convey complex ideas while retaining a defining sense of the aesthetic. Sid Dickens' memory blocks are perhaps his best-loved works. The blocks are collectable tiles, featuring religious icons, historic and romantic symbols, and other easily recognizable motifs that lend a timeless quality to his work. The blocks are hand-crafted plaster tiles, about half the size of a sheet of paper, that are often cracked for a sense of age. Many of the memory blocks are completed with gold and silver leafing, which Dickens completes by hand. Sid Dickens' tiles can be found throughout the world, with many fans across continents. You can find a large number of his works on sale in the large inventory on eBay, with everything from impeccably detailed angel wings to musically-themed creations to be had. Sid Dickens continues to expand his catalog every day.