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About Shutters

The house sitting on the corner held a special magic for Carlie from the moment that she laid her eyes on it. She knew that someday that house with the falling shutters would be hers to own. She researched the house and learned that it was the oldest house in the town and was once the showplace of the blossoming city. She also learned that the current owner was willing to sell the house. Soon enough, she purchased the house with the shutters, and began the job of remodeling it. One of the first things she did was to paint the house a beautiful Victorian blue and installed white antique shutters to complement the exterior. She was so thankful to have found the perfect antique plantation shutters for the house from a reliable seller on eBay. She was impressed with the many convenient shipping methods that sellers offered. Looking at the finished outside of the home, Carlie was thrilled with all the work she had done.