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About Shure PGX

You already have trouble with the band's guitarists tripping over their own cables as they rock back and forth on the stage. If you want to spare your lead singer the same fate, you should get her a Shure PGX wireless microphone. Wireless microphones have the obvious advantage of being cable-free and allowing a wider range of movement. However, they may also suffer from short wireless range and signal interference. The Shure PGX24 system easily overcomes these restrictions. The included wireless microphone has a 300-feet operating range that is longer than the reach of most wired microphones. In addition, a Shure PGX24/SM58 system avoids interference by scanning for and selecting only open frequencies. In fact, the receiver can support up to eight different microphones simultaneously paired to it. Ready to give your band the freedom it needs to unleash the sound the fans love? Find a Shure PGX wireless microphone system among the wide selection of professional audio equipment offered by reliable sellers on eBay.