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About Shrugs

There is a nip in the air, something not quite cold, but not quite warm either and you know that, tonight, you need just a little something to cover up your dress. That is when you reach for your shrug, because you know it is perfect pairing for those "not quite" nights. Though traditionally knit or crocheted, the simple black shrug, a perfect way to add modesty and style to an outfit, reemerged in recent years both on the runway and on Main Street. This look, along with its close cousin, the bolero jacket, allows women the versatility to stay warm or cool while adding flowing, feminine lines to their figure that complement pretty much every size and stature. These same women know that looking through the large inventory of eBay sellers is wise, too, since they offer both new and used shrugs in many styles, colors, and cuts. That is why so many women love this fashion choice. They feel confident that on those "not quite" nights they can remain comfortable while also staying stylish.