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About Shrink Wraps

You eagerly open your packaged fruit basket, only to find that the fruit inside has jumbled together and bruised during shipment. If the pineapple has squashed the strawberries, you know how important shrink wrap is. If the sender of the fruit basket had used shrink wrap, the tight cellophane covering would have kept that beautiful basket intact. Avoid shipping problems yourself by stocking up on the shrink wrap supplies you need. You need a shrink wrap roll, for starters. Most of the other supplies you need, such as scissors and tape, are probably already in your house, but you may want to invest in a shrink wrap gun. This heat gun makes the wrapping process very simple, although a hair dryer could do the trick in a pinch. If you plan to use a lot of shrink wrap, a heat gun is worth the investment. With convenient shipping options, the sellers on eBay have all the shrink wrap supplies you need to make shipping easy and efficient.