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About Shovelhead

A bright spot of individuality in the motorcycle world, Harley-Davidson motorcycles carry model and engine names that you will not find anywhere else. The successor to the venerable Panhead engine, the Shovelhead powered Harley-Davidson Big Twin bikes from the 1966 to 1985 model years. Call slabside shovels, the 1966-1969 model year engines retained the Panhead's lower end and the generator bottom. After the 1970 model year, these engines replaced the generator bottom with an alternator bottom, called a cone shovel. The Shovelhead engine added 10 percent more power than the Panhead generated. The 1966-1977 engines feature a displacement of 74 cubic inches and the 1978-1985 engines have a displacement of 82 cubic inches. This V-twin engine is air-cooled, using shovel-shaped rocker boxes and rocker arms pivoting on the engine's shafts, instead of covers. Search on eBay through a large inventory of continually changing listings for an original or rebuilt Shovelhead engine, suitable for a variety of motorcycle model years. Parts for this classic engine include engine cam covers, solenoid covers, and breather valves. Keep your Big Twin bike running cleanly and smoothly with a replacement Shovelhead exhaust system, pipe clamps, and fishtail pipes.