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About Shoushan

Sunlight streams into the study, highlighting the golden particles of dust floating in the air above the desk, as the shoushan seal's inked surface presses onto the document, sealing the contract. The use of finely carved shoushan stone seals dates from the Ming Dynasty (1368'1644). Also known as agalmatolite, shoushan is a form of alabaster quarried from Shoushan Mountain in the Fuzhou district of China. The stones' colors and veining, ranging from cream and light green to dark reddish brown and black, provides the attractive base material for the carver's knives. Shoushan carving is not limited to stone seals; the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) artists also used the soft stone to carve fantastically detailed landscapes, cities, dragons, elephants, and old men. Whether searching for a masterpiece in detail carving to adorn a mantel or shelf, or a custom shoushan seal to stamp correspondence or artwork, buyers know that reliable sellers on eBay provide a wide range of artistic shoushan carved items, ready for delivery via several convenient shipping options.