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About Shoulder Straps

You are running to catch your flight, and the shoulder strap on your duffle bag breaks, crashing to the floor and tripping three people in the process. As you make your apologies and attempt to help up the three innocent bystanders your faulty clasp has toppled, you hear the final boarding call for your flight. You are stuck. As you settle in for the ten-hour wait until the next available flight, you should check out the vast assortment of shoulder straps on eBay. You can get a replacement shoulder strap for your duffle bag in leather, vinyl, or even rubber, all common options for a luggage shoulder strap. To give yourself a little added comfort, why not add in a thick, padded shoulder strap pad? You may also choose to go with a longer messenger bag style strap that drapes across one shoulder and wraps around the torso for more even weight dispersal. With convenient shipping options, your new shoulder strap should be waiting for you when you finally arrive home. Just cross your fingers that your kamikaze duffle bag does not take out any more bystanders before its replacement arrives.