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About Short Sleeve Shirts

You probably do not realize it, but if you have a short sleeve shirt on right now, you have the underwear industry to thank. In fact, before the 1900s most men and women wore full-body button-up undergarments each day. It was not until the industry took notice that bachelors without sewing skills often pieced their clothing together with safety pins that the idea of a separate shirt, which eventually morphed into the short sleeve t-shirt, even made sense. Now, whether buying a dress shirt, a polo shirt, or a button-up shirt, the option to have short sleeves is just natural. Take a look at the many listings on eBay for proof; it is easy to find both men's and women's short sleeve shirts of all colors and styles. Though it might have started as underwear, the short sleeve shirt has morphed into a key fashion item for all people and all occasions, and it a must for every closet.