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About Short Course Trucks

When you close your eyes, do you see yourself sitting in an off-road truck, navigating through other racers while you head toward the finish line? If so, you can satisfy your dreams with a short course truck. Manufacturers model these trucks after real off-road trucks. That means they have the same features, power, and handling as the big trucks, only on a smaller scale. You can even choose between 2WD and 4WD short course trucks. Just like real trucks, these RC vehicles have tires with traction, shocks, bumpers, and other features. Some of the trucks also come with rechargeable batteries and decals for customizing the vehicle. If you want to give RC racing a try, take a look at the various new and used short course trucks available from eBay's reliable sellers. You will also find truck bodies if you are looking to make changes to your existing RC short course truck.

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