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About Shop Vacs

Whether you are working on the job site or cleaning up a messy garage or workspace in your home, a shop vacuum is an absolute must for easy and expert cleanup. Most models are equipped with a wet/dry combination option to fix messy spills and dry dirt alike. Specific brands like a Craftsman shop vacuum are available from reliable sellers on eBay, and have a wide variety of features, such as conversion to a leaf blower, a 5.5 HP motor, and 360-degree casters for increased mobility. Additionally, many models of a small shop vacuum, such as a 4-gallon model, are available as well, in conditions ranging from new to gently used. With a variety of shipping options available, buying online negates the long haul of the vacuum from the store to your site. There is no need to lug heavy boxes when the shop vacuum is delivered right to your doorstep.