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About Shoei RF 1000

Whether you are speeding along a racetrack or just running an errand, every time you get on your bike, you need a helmet that delivers protection and then some. With a Shoei RF-1000 motorcycle helmet, you get the benefit of a well-engineered barrier between you and the road along with Shoei design features that enhance comfort and wearability. The Shoei Aero Stabilizing system on this helmet significantly reduces drag on the driver, allowing you to ride longer and stay more alert on the road. A two-layer liner system keeps ventilation at its most efficient with channels and exhaust ports translating into easy breathing when the Shoei RF-1000 shield is down. You can even customize the fit by integrating optional cheek pads into the design. The high-performance fiber used in the shell of the Shoei RF-1000 keeps it light while ensuring that it is as sturdy as possible. Shop for a small or large Shoei RF-1000 helmet by exploring the vast inventory on eBay to get the comfort and protection you need.