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About Shirley Temple Doll

The golden locks and charming voice of Shirley Temple are iconic of classical Hollywood cinema, and the actress remains a household name decades after her rise to fame. Her career and films led to the creation of the Shirley Temple doll crafted in her likeness, with many variations. You can add these items to your collection thanks to the many sellers on eBay. These dolls are offered in varying conditions. Some products are in their original state, while others have been restored to some degree. The dolls are comprised of varying materials, including porcelain and vinyl, and some of these are fashioned after specific films. For example, the Shirley Temple Heidi doll features the likeness and clothing of the actress from her role in the 1937 film "Heidi". In addition to the dolls themselves, you can shop for Shirley Temple doll clothes. These can be for a specific product, or they may be used generally to accompany any doll of a similar size. Whether you are a fan of the actress or a collector of vintage dolls, the Shirley Temple doll can help enhance your collection.