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About Shiny Brite

The brief respite from World War I not only brought peace, but also a clamor Shiny Brite ornaments. Decorated by hand, the German glass Shiny Brite ornaments are intricate in design with the complexity of being hand-painted. Different shapes, such as Radko Christmas balls, figures of Santa and the elves, cottages, stars, lanterns and much more were decorated by lacquer paints, stencils, glue and glitter. There are also shiny, Brite tree balls that come in red or blue colors. Fast forward to decades after war, and these trinkets, especially the transparent bulbs, have become some of the most sought after collectors’ items for many avid Christmas lovers. While it’s very likely to find complete boxes of these gems at garage sales and vintage stores, eBay is also an excellent source for finding sets of these vintage ornaments all year round. Lucky for you, these trinkets were sold in divided cardboard boxes, which held up pretty well over the years.