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About Shimano TLD

Out on the open waters, the fish are biting and you have got a big one on your line. It is a tuna fish going deep to circle, but your Shimano TLD is on full drag to keep it close. You keep the drag on, waiting for that fish to tire just a little bit. Every time it eases up, you know that you can reel it in a little bit more. You selected this Shimano TLD Star from the huge range of new and used options available on eBay. Your neighbor told you their selection of Shimano reels from reliable sellers could not be beat, and he was correct. So far, your new reel has helped you bring in two good-sized tunas. You hope that the third will be the biggest one yet. Of course, you almost picked out the professional fisherman's Shimano TLD 50 instead, even though it was really meant for marlins and other big game fish. You really prefer the challenge and patience required for tuna fishing. Suddenly, the line goes slack. It might have gotten away. You reel in the line like a madman, relieved to feel it go taut again. Keeping the drag on your Shimano TLD, you dig your heels in for a long battle.

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