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About Shifter Karts

Riding around the track at the fair in a go-kart may pass the time on a weekend, but it is nothing compared to the assertive racing delivered by a true shifter kart. In fact, pro drivers often turn to these speedy vehicles, which belong to the world of open wheel motorsports, to test their mettle and keep their senses sharp in the off season. These powerful racers deliver up to 45 hp and have power-to-weight ratios that compare to some of the most dominant sports cars on the road, demanding sharp reflexes and intense control from drivers. A two-stroke engine, six-speed sequential gearbox, and four-wheel disc brakes are at the heart of a 125 cc shifter kart, translating into lateral cornering forces as high as 2.5 Gs, astounding braking performance, and deceleration that can surprise even the most seasoned racer. The sellers on eBay are a great resource for new and used shifter karts or the shifter kart parts needed for an upgrade or repair, so browse the huge selection, and get the power you need to race like a Formula 1 pro.