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About Sherline

Using wood to create models and other works of art is a lot of fun, but precision is the name of the game. Make sure every cut is perfect when you use a Sherline lathe. Sherline prides itself on making woodcutting and shop equipment for light home use and model making, and their lathes and mills are top of the line. A Sherline mill is a machine that turns with you while you're working, and is highly regarded as the number-one tool for cutting. Look for your own milling machine in new or used condition on eBay and build a home shop that allows you to create the pieces of your dreams. Made for accuracy as well as flexibility, miniature Sherline equipment helps you free your imagination and do everything from drilling to making holes, polishing, and fly cutting. Choose between inches or millimeters when it comes to calibrations, and customize your cutting tools. Whether you're building a birdhouse or using your lathe for industrial use, Sherline is the name that's synonymous with superior cutting machinery.