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About Sheriff

Want to bring more than just a touch of authority to your wardrobe? A sheriff uniform is just the thing. Whether you are looking for a jacket, badge, or shirt to lend authenticity to a costume, or if you are simply adding back up articles to your official uniform, you can find new and used clothing and accessories by shopping on eBay. Imagine the impression you can make in full vintage sheriff regalia from your state: Clean, pressed, and starched, there is nothing so smart and authoritative. On the other hand, enthusiasts can collect vintage and modern retired badges for display and posterity. Imagine a row of shinny stars sitting regally on a black matte or green velvet background. Think of pressed uniform pants with a razor sharp crease ready to be donned for service, theater, or just in case. Nothing gives that official air that says "long arm of the law" like a snappy sheriff uniform. There's a new sheriff in town.