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About Shepard Fairey

In the exciting and defiant world of street art, few creative minds garner the critical and commercial admiration bestowed upon the work of Shepard Fairey. Immortalized due to his work with the Obey label, Shepard Fairey's career includes stints as an illegal street artist, political statements, and mass-marketed graphic art and design. Fairey's work often parodies nationalistic imagery, utilizing a graphic based on the face of Andre the Giant. Many of his Obey works point to the hypocrisy of American claims of freedom, pointing to similarities with the dictatorial and repressive regimes of the Soviet Union and other nations typically regarded as evil. Shepard Fairey's posters grace many a dorm room, many of them designed for bands and artists that resonate with young people. Shepard Fairey's Obama poster is one of the most recognizable artifacts of the 2012 election, and it sparked quite a bit of controversy in its time. You can find a wide range of his works for sale from the large inventory on eBay. Shepard Fairey continues to use his aesthetic sense to explore questions of morality and freedom in the modern political sphere.