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About Shellac

As you sit waiting for your friend to meet you in a downtown bar, you buff your nails coolly and watch the world go by. With Shellac nails, your hands can stay looking gorgeous for weeks at a time. Thanks to this brand, it is possible to paint nails that last for 14 days at a time, or more. When you combine your favorite bottom coat with a color of your choosing, you can eliminate the hassle of repainting your nails every few days. Whether you are a salon owner or a nail enthusiast, investing in a Shellac starter kit is a great way to begin your lasting nail art journey. While the contents of each kit vary, many come with a UV lamp to help you set your nails like a true professional. If your starter kit does not come with all the shades you need, you can buy more Shellac nail polish separately. From vibrant reds to subtle blues, there is an array of colors available to suit all tastes. When you shop on eBay for your Shellac goods, you can choose from a vast inventory that allows you to perfect your ideal kit. Once yours arrive, get painting and create designer nails that last for weeks.