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About Sheepskin Seat Cover

At first, you might feel sheepish test-driving the sheepskin seat cover you got as a gift for your mother. But you console yourself, knowing she wants you to stay warm and comfortable out on the road. Some covers derive from real sheepskin and wool, while synthetic fibers and faux fur make others. Many cushions come from Australian sheepskin, considered the highest quality in the world. These covers contain thick cushions on the seat and backrests. The extra padding provides support, making your morning commutes more comfortable. Covers, like sheepskin bucket seat covers, come in different shapes, matching unique styles of car and truck seat. Some contain only backrests and bottom seats, while others have headrests. You can find them in sizes for front and back seats, and in various colors like black, tan, white, pink, and more, matching various car interiors. Covers attach to regular car seats with zippers or elastic bands. They attach firmly and remove easily, letting you wash and dry them in laundry machines. On eBay, you can browse a large inventory of covers, narrowing your options by color, fabric, shape, and more. You might choose to finish off the look with other furry accessories, like sheepskin seat belt covers.